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Professional Websites offers TurnKey Premium Websites hosted on Cloud VPS Servers. In short we design, build, host, maintain & support websites for the small & medium sized business (SMEs). We also help manage content and are available for marketing endeavors.

Read on to find out why we think you should allow us the privilege of hosting your new or existing website. We believe that Professional Websites brings together the right combination of technical and marketing skills to be that valued 'extension' to your small business. Think of us like a valued employee without the cost of pension or benefits.

Find out why we think we should be your highly skilled assistant in your online journey to success.

Performance, Reliability & Security

Our websites are designed with Performance, Reliability & Security as primary objectives.

Your Website should be fast, reliable & secure - even if you are not selling products directly on your website.

Free SSL Certificate With Every Website

When you host with us your website you will enjoy a level of security equal to the most secure on-line banking institutions (We've sent emails to some of the others!).

Our websites are built with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in mind. 

While this may seem like overkill actually it is not. The PCI DSS specification is quickly becoming the standard benchmark that search engines use as one of the ranking factors.



In short, if a search engine sees two identical websites one that is secure (https://) according to PCI DSS and one that is not (plain old http://) guess which the search engine will rank higher?

Case in point - notice that the Wikipedia links referenced in this article are all now using secure technologies - and Wikipedia doesn't even sell anything!

That's right, the secure padlock is quickly becoming the new badge of honour that shows search engines and your customers that you are serious about your online business and their privacy.




Shared Hosting vs VPS

NOTE: We do not use the typical shared hosting model that is so common in today's online world.

What is shared hosting?


HINT: If you are paying $2 -$10 a month for a web-hosting service that offers unlimited websites, unlimited domains, unlimited email, unlimited 'everything' chances are you are on a shared hosting platform crammed in with hundreds & hundreds of other websites all competing for the same bandwidth.

Think of the term factory farming to get an idea of what you are getting for your money with shared hosting. (CAUTION: Whatever you do, don't google 'factory farming' and hit images!)

What's the Alternative?


We maintain Virtual Private Servers that are optimized for WordPress & Joomla! websites. We limit each VPS to 10 web sites or less. Why? Our extensive testing has shown that this is an ideal number for the VPS configuration we are using. (Think organic farming <- these images much like our websites are family friendly and ok to look at.)

Free IP Address With Every Website ( an excellent companion to the Free SSL Certificate)

We provide a dedicated IP address for each website. Large companies like Microsoft use IP addresses and reputation to determine if they deliver email to their customers (hotmail, outlook, yahoo mail etc) or whether to simply drop the message like a bad apple.

That's right if you share an IP address with a website that uses spamming techniques many companies will simply delete your email and you might not even know about it. Why is that customer not calling me back? Maybe they never received your finely crafted marketing message. Maybe your online reputation is getting dragged down by some unscrupulous business that shares your IP address!

In Addition, if your website does not have a dedicated IP address it can still pass SSL testing but it's will only be shown to visitors that have SNI support in their browser device.

SNI-supportTo see if this is an issue with your existing website enter it @ SSL Labs and do a test. If you see this blue message near the top under the score, then it's likely the IP address associated with your site is used by other websites too. Don't needlessly limit access to your site, combine your SSL Certificate with a dedicated IP address for maximum access and credibility.










Think of the old days when Bell Canada offered party lines! If you're old enough to remember what a party line is, you'll understand why we insist on a dedicated IP address per website!


If you think that creating a website for your small business is just another checkbox to check off on your endless list of things to do, think again. Your professional business website is quickly becoming the cornerstone of your online reputation - don't tarnish your reputation by indirectly and unknowingly associating your online presence with less than reputable websites.

Treating your website hosting choice like a commodity and searching for the lowest price available may have some very costly side effects that hurt your bottom line.






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Professional Websites recognizes that all business is a collective effort.
How successful would any of today's businesses be without the ground work that was laid before them?
Imagine operating a business with no trains, planes or automobiles not to mention phone or the Internet.
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