Have You Heard About Alignable?

My friend Sean MacFadyen from the TinaTakMartialArts recently invited me to a new business social media site called Alignable. My first impression - everyone is pretty friendly. Within a couple of days of signing up, I had a close to a dozen welcome messages from local companies. I also found a forum where I can have conversations with my potential customers and answer questions for them.

Alignable seems to be focused on your success 1st instead of theirs, it certainly seems a lot easier to work with than some of the more established social networks.

Alignable also has a novel feature that I think may turn out to be very valuable, shortly after sign up I received a welcome message from an Alignable Community Manager with some helpful tips on getting started. If you have ever run into an issue on other social media platforms and tried to get answers to questions, you might have run into some frustration trying to get real answers from real people.

So why not visit us @ Alignable and while there you might as well sign up and give your business more exposure.

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