Ingredients For A Great Website

"Ideally, a great website would start with its own Private Server.
While you're at it, you might as well include a team of professionals to take care of it too."

June 21st, 2016, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Technology changes all the time. A customer's basic needs are less likely to change as rapidly. That's why we have designed a solution that starts with a needs assessment and finishes with today's technology that will best fit that solution. We have organized the assessment into 5 main categories:

  1. Security
  2. Performance
  3. Availability & Reliability
  4. Ease Of Use
  5. Affordability

Please read on to discover why we think ProfessionalWebsites is your premier choice for a professional, turnkey web hosting solution.

1. Security


VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Many small businesses can not afford dedicated servers, that is why we start with virtually the next best thing. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allow for complete control over your website environment. This means we can tailor the environment to your website needs. We create a solid platform that will give WordPress and Joomla websites the performance level needed to achieve high ratings in Google's PageSpeed testing.

That last link was a speed test of our page, btw. We're not perfect (yet) but we hold a respectable rating.

This link is for 'anyone' you want to compare against.


Free SSL Certificate


In the 'old days', an ssl certificate was only needed when you were selling directly from your website. In the 'old days' you could get a good job for life with just a high school education.

We include a free ssl certificate with every website (a $100 value). All visitors will be directed to a secure version (https://) of your website. Even if you're not selling directly on your website having a secure site lets your customers know you are serious about their privacy. But the reality is search engines are now including https:// as one of the metrics used when ranking websites.

The bottom line for you might be this: If your closest competitors have similar websites but their websites are secure and yours is not, which will rank higher in search results?


How Secure Is Your Secure Website?


It turns out that, just like the lock on your front door, security is not simply an open and shut case. Even websites that have the green padlock can still have issues. This message was from a very popular website using the Chrome browser (you won't see this warning in Firefox!). Even if you don't understand the word cipher (secret), most people understand what the word obsolete means.

"Obsolete Cipher = A Secret That Everyone Knows"

We design all our websites with the focus on PCI DSS standards. Don't take our word for it, Test US!.



Email Antivirus Protection



Most people understand the need to have antivirus software protecting email accounts on their personal computer. Many have even had 1st hand experience with receiving a strange email from friend or family that later turned out to be a virus infection that got into their address book and went wild.

If it makes sense to protect the email on your home computer then it makes even more sense to protect your business email.

Every VPS we deploy is configured with email antivirus providing reliable, efficient protection of your mailboxes against worms, trojans, and other damaging viruses.



Firewall Protection


A Firewall protects your website and private network from unauthorized access.

We take this a step further and secure your firewall to the highest standards



Fail2Ban IP Level Protection & Blocking




Fail2ban is an intrusion prevention software framework that protects computer servers from brute-force attacks.




Apache SpamAssassin Protection

Apache SpamAssassin is the #1 Open Source anti-spam platform giving system administrators a filter to classify email and block spam (unsolicited bulk email).

SpamAssassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. This makes it harder for spammers to identify one aspect which they can craft their messages to work around.


MagicSpam Embedded Protection




MagicSpam targets spam and junk mail and removes it before it gets in your inbox.

NOTE: If you're reading this far you may wonder, "Why two antispam programs?". MagicSpam and SpamAssassin have the same goals but accomplish them with two radically different approaches.

Think of them as left and right defence. Or layers of security like an onion.