Ingredients For A Great Website - 2/5

2. Performance


VPS (NOT Shared hosting)



A Virtual Private Server allows for much greater control over the web server environment as compared to shared hosting.

Because we control the environment, we only load the services necessary for fast, secure, reliable operation, nothing more, nothing less.

Control over the entire web server also means we can limit the number of websites per server, which is a HUGE factor in performance.

We create a solid platform that will give WordPress and Joomla websites the performance level needed to achieve high ratings in Google's PageSpeed testing

That last link was a speed test of our page, btw. We're not perfect (yet) but we hold a respectable rating.

This link is for  'anyone' you want to compare against. How fast are your competitors?

World Class DataCenter/Montreal


Location, Location Location! If your small business is in the Ottawa Valley there's a good chance your customers will be somewhere in the Golden Horseshoe. What better place to host your website then a World Class Data Center in Montreal? We thought so too!

Sure there is cheap hosting all over the world. You might even be able to host for a couple of dollars a month. But that's not what we offer. We offer fast, secure, reliable hosting in your 'internet neighbourhood'. If it made sense to host in India with a FatPipe to Canada we would consider it. We did. It doesn't. Not if you're in business here.


LAMP environment tailored for WordPress & Joomla!

LAMP is an acronym to represent the software bundle that your WordPress website runs on.

LAMP Stands for:

  • Linux = The operating system that everything runs on.
  • Apache HTTP Server = The web server. According to Wikipedia, it's the world's most used web server software".
  • MySQL = The database server that holds and delivers all your website content.
  • PHP = PHP is a 'server-side scripting language'. PHP goes into the database takes your content and sends it to the Apache HTTP Server.



Nginx Reverse Proxy Web Server


QUESTION:  Why does the Apache Webserver need the Nginx Reverse Proxy Server?

Short Answer: It doesn't BUT Apache benefits from its assistance.

Apache is a great web server, which is why we are using it.

Apache combined with 'Nginx Reverse Proxy' is a winning combination.


Performance Tweaking & Testing

Tweak, test, repeat. Search engines like Google take website speed as a ranking factor. Don't lose customers because of a slow website. Check your website's PageSpeed out now!