Ingredients For A Great Website - 3/5

3. Availability & Reliability



VPS (NOT shared hosting)





It's no coincidence that hosting on a VPS is the #1 method of our top 3 objectives (security, performance & reliability).

Control of the server environment is key to the basics. Hosting your website on a VPS is like 'limousine service' compared to a 'bus ride' (or a ride ON a train).

World Class DataCenter/Montreal



Why host your website half way around the world? Doesn't that simply mean a lot more stuff can go wrong between your website and your customers?

For the same reason, why host your website half way across the US - especially if all your customers are up here anyways!

Hosting your website on a private VPS situated in a World class data center located on your main customer corridor just makes sense.




NVMe SSD Storage



We love technology. Especially when it takes one of those giant leaps every now and then. How does that song go? Video killed the radio. Or how about when cassettes killed 8 tracks or when CDs killed floppy disks, or how mp3s & USB sticks killed entire segments of industries!

SSDs are creating one of those moments in time. Solid State Drive means no moving parts. Moving parts = failure at some unknown time in the future (guaranteed).

NVMe SSD Storage is the future of reliable storage & it's available today.


Ceph High Availability

This comes straight from Ceph:

"Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability."

This is our interpretation:

"Ceph is cool software that runs on those cool SSD storage devices and creates a high availability environment."



Dedicated IP Address Per Website


We supply a dedicated IP address for each website at no extra cost. A dedicated IP address for your website means you are in greater control of your online reputation. Many companies these days are using some form of IP address filtering to try and determine if the email they are receiving (and the IP address associated with it) is coming from a spammer. Any email fitting this description will be handled according to their spam rules and will likely be dumped in the spam bucket.

If many other websites are also using the same IP address as your website you could be flagged as a spammer based on the other websites' activities!

Additionally, in the world of security (SSL) having a dedicated IP address means your secure website is not unintentionally restricting access by visitors that have browsers that are limited to SNI Support (a limited number of browsers & older devices).


Intel Xeon E3 Processor



The Intel® Xeon® E3 Processor provides the right combination of price & performance to make them a perfect candidate to be the 'brains' of the operation!


99.99% Uptime





In the high tech world "Five 9s" is the holy grail of high availability. It means an availability of 99.999%. All big businesses shoot for the Five 9s if they're big enough and can afford it.

In the world of shared hosting, you will be hard-pressed to find the words "high availability", "uptime" & "99.".

In all fairness, the more reputable shared hosters do mention availability percentages, they're usually 99.9%, and some of those if you check the details, degrade down to 99.5%.

If you're not in the computer world, you're likely thinking, "what are you talking about, these numbers are almost the same?".

The fact is there's a HUGE difference between these small changes:

Yearly Unscheduled Downtime

  • 99.999% & 99.99% (5.26 minutes vs 52.56 minutes)
  • 99.99% & 99.9% (52.56 minutes vs 8.76 hours)
  • 99.9% & 99.5% (8.76 hours vs 3.65 days)

We believe "Four 9s" is a sweet spot for small & medium sized business, it literally means the difference between minutes vs. hours or even worse days.

Respectable levels of availability without the prohibitively high cost of 99.999%.


ServerShield By CloudFlare

ServerShield by CloudFlare defends all your websites against online threats while making them load lightning fast.



Server Health Monitor




Health Monitor helps keep your website running smoothly by keeping track of the system resources' usage on the server. If any system resources exceed pre-defined thresholds, we are notified automatically so we can take action before there is a problem.


Excellent Customer Support

Portrait of smiling business people clapping at desk in office
  • Do you hate calling for help only to find that your call has been routed to a call center overseas and connected to someone you can't understand?
  • Do you dislike it when the person in the call center doesn't understand your problem and is asking you silly questions from a script?
  • Would you like to be served by someone that understands the problem you are experiencing and knows how to fix it?
  • Do you like the idea of being served by another local small business in your community?

Decades of experience supporting fortune 500 companies means you'll feel like you have an entire IT department dedicated to supporting your business website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed




We believe you will love our services and are so committed to your satisfaction that you may request a full refund, no reason necessary, during the 1st 30 days of service.