ProWeb Series Product Details


No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!

We believe you will love our services and are we are so committed to your satisfaction that you may request a full refund, no reason necessary, during the 1st 30 days of service.

Referral Credits - Limited Time Offer!

Referral Credits empower you to recover up to $800 off your installation fees simply by referring other small businesses in need of an online presence.

Certain restrictions apply.

For more details see​referral-credits/.

But don't expect this offer to be around forever!

Mobile Ready

All of our websites are designed to what is know as Responsive Web Design. This simply means that your new website will Respond to your customer's varied devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc) by rearranging the Design of your website to make it look great on all devices.

Free SSL Certificate


In the 'old days', an ssl certificate was only needed when you were selling directly from your website. In the 'old days' you could get a good job for life with just a high school education.

We include a free ssl certificate with every website (a $100 value). All visitors will be directed to a secure version (https://) of your website. Even if you're not selling directly on your website having a secure site lets your customers know you are serious about their privacy. But the reality is search engines are now including https:// as one of the metrics used when ranking websites.

The bottom line for you might be this: If your closest competitors have similar websites but their websites are secure and yours is not, which will rank higher in search results?


Dedicated IP Address Per Website


We supply a dedicated IP address for each website at no extra cost. A dedicated IP address for your website means you are in greater control of your online reputation. Many companies these days are using some form of IP address filtering to try and determine if the email they are receiving (and the IP address associated with it) is coming from a spammer. Any email fitting this description will be handled according to their spam rules and will likely be dumped in the spam bucket.

If many other websites are also using the same IP address as your website you could be flagged as a spammer based on the other websites' activities!

Additionally, in the world of security (SSL) having a dedicated IP address means your secure website is not unintentionally restricting access by visitors that have browsers that are limited to SNI Support (a limited number of browsers & older devices).


Domain Name



A Domain Name is an essential part of any profitable online marketing enterprise. Professional Websites provides a $20 CDN credit towards a domain name of your choice*. Most non-premium domain names can be secured for $10-$18.


*- $20 credit only applies to yearly hosting or yearly rehosting terms.



Most of our customers never touch the admin side of their website. It's much easier for them to send us an occasional email with some basic instructions than taking the time to go through 'Basic WordPress Training'. We got you covered.

Some customers want the power to post what the want when they want. We provide custom training, documentation and ongoing support to ensure you have the full power of your website at your fingertips.

Other customers may have higher volume, frequent and timely updates. We can access and quote a custom service and or provide custom training, documentation and ongoing support to your staff.



No Long Term Contract



We're so confident you will love our service that we offer a No Hassle Money Back Guarantee. After your initial site acceptance, which includes the installation fee, you will be billed on an ongoing basis depending on your preference. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly payment options.

Enjoy a 5-15% discount on your monthly hosting simply by choosing a longer billing period. 

We really try to design our product marketing around our customers so every time we get a chance to offer a discount we 'stick it to them'!

If after your initial site acceptance you wish to terminate business simply do not renew at your next billing period. We don't do automatic billing

Because we don't do automatic billing, it's kind of the other way around; if you want to continue to do business just keep paying the invoices (and we'll keep finding way to give you discounts)!

Web Analytics


Measurement of your visitor traffic is really the 1st step in trying to understand what your visitors are doing and what they are looking for.

Google Analytics helps gather the data you need to make intelligent business decisions about your online marketing efforts.