Referral Credits

For many companies, an advertising budget is a fact of life. The cost of advertising is built into the cost of the product so in effect the customer pays for the advertising.

At Professional Websites we asked a rather strange question and came up with a surprising idea.

If our valued customer is going to pay for the advertising why don't we pay our valued customer for the advertising?

Our thoughts exactly.

So for a limited time, we are offering customers referral credits!

How Does It Work?


Refer a customer and receive a $200 credit.


Certain restrictions apply, see below for full details.

"Tell Your Friends"  Referral Program

2 Credits
3 Credits
4 Credits

OK, What's The Catch?

Actually, there is more than one:

  1. Your account must be in good standing. Credits can not be applied against overdue accounts.
  2. The New Customer's "No Question Warranty" has expired and the website has been accepted. We can't pay you money we don't have.
  3. That's it, there is no 3!

This program is a special time limited offer. However, once you have been issued credits you can redeem them at any time. The offer may expire but your credits will be available until you want to claim them. 


*** Limited time offer may expire or change at any time without further notice ***