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Charts can help illustrate a point or validate a position. Charts can help make a sale.

Did You Know?

42.3% of all statistics quoted are made up on the spot!

Breakdown on Statistical sources - source unknown


Stats on Stats


Which Type Of Website Is Right For You?


WordPress, Joomla! & Drupal are the 3 most popular open source, free content management systems available.

If you choose one of these 3 systems for your website you will sleep well at night knowing:

  • The platform will be around for some time
  • There's tons of support because so many people are already using these systems
  • Developers are adding new extensions daily, the possibilities are endless
  • Wide use means competitive pricing on everything


WordPress vs Joomla! vs Drupal

WordPress vs Joomla! vs Drupal

We support both WordPress & Joomla! so chances are we can help you with your website!

We support WordPress & Joomla!

But NOT Drupal (at this time)

The data for the preceding presentation was acquired from the following source - well all data except the stats on stats - we kind of just made that up on the spot to prove a point.


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