SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

Makes It Easy To Add Awesome Content To WordPress Websites

SiteOrigin's Page Builder is one of the most useful, free plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory. SiteOrigin also created  a Widgets Bundle that extends Page Builder.

Together with the widgets, Page Builder becomes an extremely powerful content creation tool that is remarkable easy to use. This is a level beyond the content editors of yesterday.

Advanced users will love the ability to rapidly clone content (in whole or in part) which saves a ton of time!

The following demonstration could have been longer. Many of the widgets can be used in more than one way. We have had to limit this demonstration to one example per widget or it was going to take us forever to finish!

Click on the links below to see some of the possibilities of the SiteOrgin Widgets Bundle:


  1. Select an icon
  2. Select the size
  3. Select the colour
  4. Insert destination link


Similar to an icon but with more options.


SiteOrigin Call-to-action


Contact Us

SiteOrigin Editor Widget

With the SiteOrigin Editor Widget you can access the standard editor and add a block of text.

Can Set Headingsblonde-girl-300-237

Add pictures whatever

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SiteOrigin Google Maps

SiteOrigin Headline (H tag, font, color, alignment selectable)

SiteOrigin Headline Sub headline (H tag, font, color, alignment selectable)