SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

Makes It Easy To Add Awesome Content To WordPress Websites

SiteOrigin's Page Builder is one of the most useful, free plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory. SiteOrigin also created  a Widgets Bundle that extends Page Builder.

Together with the widgets, Page Builder becomes an extremely powerful content creation tool that is remarkable easy to use. This is a level beyond the content editors of yesterday.

Advanced users will love the ability to rapidly clone content (in whole or in part) which saves a ton of time!

The following demonstration could have been longer. Many of the widgets can be used in more than one way. We have had to limit this demonstration to one example per widget or it was going to take us forever to finish!

Click on the links below to see some of the possibilities of the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle.

Price Table

Professional Websites

$1477 Setup (one-time)

Mobile Ready

Free SSL Certificate

Dedicated IP Address

Up To 10 Pages

Up To 3 emails

Domain Name

1 Hour Training

No Long Term Contract

Web Analytics


Social Media Integration

On Page SEO


$1777 Setup (one-time)

Mobile Ready

Free SSL Certificates (2)

Dedicated IP Address (2)

Up To 20 Pages

Up To 6 emails

Domain Names (2)

2 Hours Training

No Long Term Contract

Web Analytics


Social Media Integration

On Page SEO

Affordable Prices

$1997 Setup (one-time)

Mobile Ready

Free SSL Certificates (3)

Dedicated IP Address (3)

Up To 30 Pages

Up To 12 emails

Domain Names (3)

3 Hours Training

No Long Term Contract

Web Analytics


Social Media Integration

On Page SEO

SiteOrigin Simple Masonry

This widget has lots of options but the defaults work fine - added a gutter of 1 to Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Layouts in this demonstration.

The widget has 3 breakpoints already defined, but you can change the breakpoints if you need to.

  1. Desktop Layout
  2. Tablet Layout @ 768
  3. Mobile Layout @ 480

In each layout you can specify:

  • Number of columns
  • Row height
  • Gutter
  • Optional hyperlink for each image

There is also a Preview button which saves time when making changes.

Take your browser out of full screen and shrink the width. Notice how the images rearrange to the size of your screen. That's Responsive Design at work!

SiteOrigin Simple Masonry

river view
sunflower view
tree lined road
river view

SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons

Same button features found in SiteOrigin Button but with tons of prebuilt links for popular social media.

In order to have the icon color set you must set a background color. Many of the icons below are set to their social media colors and the hyperlinks work but only facebook and twitter have the background color set.

The button color and background color can be changed independently but the button style is 'widget wide'.


Each new instance of the social media widget can have its own button styles.



This allows for different styling for social media buttons on different parts of your website. They look as good in jeans as fancy attire!


SiteOrigin Testimonials

The testimonials widget feature the standard editor, so you can include headings even pictures in the testimonials. Two fields for the name and location are separate from the main testimonial. Location has a field for a website address. An optional field for an image can be added. The name and image can be optionally linked to the website address. The widget features the similar responsive design characteristics found in the other SiteOrigin Widgets.

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

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SiteOrigin VideoPlayer

Even if you don't have videos of your own you can use this widget to share youtube videos that your customers will find helpful.


Big Buck Bunny